Terms of Service

Please review our Terms of Service carefully before acknowledging. By agreeing to purchase from The Comic Monster (cM), you are acknowledging that you have reviewed all of our Terms of Service and that you accept each of them. These Terms of Service apply to each and every purchase of product from The Comic Monster.


When preparing personal item(s) for shipment to us for any of our signings, it is IMPERATIVE that you label your item(s) with ALL of your personal identifying information (preferably on the back side of your item(s). If it is not possible for you to label your item(s) on the back side, then please make sure your personal identifying information is attached physically to your item. Please do NOT use a paperclip to attach a piece of paper containing your personal identifying information to your item, as this could become dislodged either in the shipping process to us or during the signing itself.

Please include AT LEAST the following information on EACH and EVERY item you send to us to be signed:

Your name
Your phone number
Your email address
Your website order number OR your Paypal order number
Requested authentication and location (Beckett Authentication, commonly referred to as “BAS” or JSA, commonly referred to as “JSA WPP”). We work with both companies closely and which company is used at each signing will be determined by which company is in attendance at the event or signing on the day of the event or signing.
Who is to sign your item(s) (Meaning the name of the actor or actress, artist or writer)
Any character names or film/tv quotes you have ordered
Ink/Color preference to be used by the signer in autographing your item(s)

Failure to properly label your item(s) in the preceding manner may result in a charge of $25 for The Comic Monster to correctly label your item(s).

If we receive any item(s) that are not properly labeled with clearly identifiable ownership information and we are unable to contact the owner, item(s) will be stored at our office for a period of six (6) months. At that time, the item(s) will be liquidated to cover the cost of storing the item(s).


Although many people choose to use post-it notes or painter’s tape on their item(s) when attaching their personal identifying information, these materials are not suitable for ALL surfaces and may leave a residue behind once removed by you upon receipt of the signed item(s), causing damage. The Comic Monster is not responsible for any such damage caused by the medium you selected to prepare your item(s) for the signing. This includes, but is not limited to: adhesive residue left by the medium you selected or ink lift. Please make sure to write out all your personal identifying information on the medium you select to use PRIOR to affixing it to your item. Failing to do so may result in the impression of what you wrote being left on your item(s) beneath the post-it note, painter’s tape, etc. Please consider testing the medium you have selected to attach your personal identifying information in an inconspicuous area prior to completing the labeling process. If you are not able to label your item in any way described above, please contact us BEFORE sending it.

I acknowledge that any request is NOT guaranteed. A request could include, but is not limited to:

Specific pen type or ink color

Signature location

Inscription or personalization as requested by you

Location of the authentication sticker (if BAS or JSA is requested and ordered)

Please be aware that some signings have mandatory authentication and mandatory location placement as to where to affix the authentication sticker. If authentication is requested, the default location to place the sticker is in the LOWER RIGHT CORNER ON THE FRONT SIDE OF THE ITEM(S), unless you request the item to be stickered on the back (except where required to be on the front).  Although every effort will be made to accommodate your request for a specific location of the authentication sticker, your preferred location placement of the authentication sticker is not guaranteed.

The Comic Monster will try and fulfill each and every request that you make of us when labeling and submitting your items to us for signings, but from time to time there will be some things that are beyond our control. Examples include, but are not limited to:

The guest chooses to sign in an area not requested by you. We will ask them politely and professionally to sign in the location you have chosen but if, for any reason, they decline our request and choose a different location to sign we will NOT argue the point further.

The guest chooses to use a different color (or type) of pen. From time to time, a guest prefers to use certain pens and colors for certain types of items. It IS rare, but if this were to occur we will NOT argue the point further.

The guest chooses to inscribe your item slightly different than what you asked for. An example could include, but is not limited to: If the guest inscribes your item “John,” then signs their autograph as opposed to “To John Best wishes” then signs their autograph.

If an inscription or dedication or film/tv quote that you ordered and paid for is MISSED entirely, however, we would issue you a refund for that missing inscription or dedication or film/tv quote immediately upon it being brought to our attention. We may ask you to provide us with a photo of your item via email so that we can accurately match that up with your confirmed order.

We reserve the right to adhere to any refusal(s) made by the guest (celebrity, artist, creator or whomever is signing the item) or a member of their management team (agent or representative). Examples of potential refusals we have seen in the past could include, but are not limited to:

The item(s) you sent in for the signing contain(s) images that are provocative in nature to the guest signing. Although every effort is made to clear items with guest management in advance of the event/signing so that this does not occur, there are times (day of) that the guest chooses not to sign certain images or items. If this were to occur, we would email that client privately within one week of the conclusion of the signing event to discuss possible alternatives.

During ANY signing, there are always risks of damage to an item or signature. The Comic Monster is NOT liable for any damage that occurs when your item(s) is/are being signed. Although it is rare, damages can occur. Examples of such damage could include, but are not limited to:

Pen malfunction (ink smearing, ink not adhering, ink bleeding or pooling, pen ink drying mid signature). We make every effort to avoid ANY of these examples from occurring, but there are rare instances when it cannot be avoided.  If you elect to send in a specific pen or marker with your item(s) for a signing (or signings), unfortunately we are unable to return these markers with your items.

Misspelled names, character names, quotes or any other inscription (this also includes the guest making a last second change to a request previously made by you).

Damage such as a crease, scratch, water spots, rips.

Any other damage to an item while the talent is physically signing the item (fingerprints, smudged signature, etc).

The Comic Monster does everything we can to minimize any of the aforementioned from occurring during signings. We ALWAYS properly prep ALL pens and test them a second time immediately prior to being used to sign. We will ALWAYS switch pens when they begin to streak or fade.

The Comic Monster is NOT responsible or liable for any damages or loss during shipping to us or in shipping back to you, although we do insure all items being returned. Our primary carriers of choice in returning items to clients are USPS and UPS. If you desire an alternate carrier, please let us know BEFORE we process your order for return and we can invoice you for any additional costs involved.

As relates to the amount of insurance we apply to your item(s). We will insure your item(s) ONLY for the amount of the cost of the signature/inscription/character name/dedication/quote you ordered from us. An example could include, but is not limited to:

You purchase an autograph for a single guest appearing at a single private signing or public event which we are attending. That autograph is to be applied to your send-in movie poster which already contains 15 other autographs from other cast members of that film. When we prepare your poster for its return to you, we will ONLY insure your poster for the cost of the single autograph you purchased from us for this specific signing. Should you desire (or require) additional insurance to cover anything more than the cost of the single autograph you purchased from us at this single event, please contact us in advance so that we can send you an invoice to cover the cost of the additional insurance. If you do not contact us in advance about seeking additional insurance coverage, the default method of return insurance is for us to cover the cost of the single autograph you purchased from us at this event/signing. Obviously if you purchase two (or more) autographs from us at a multi-guest event, our insurance coverage would extend to those guest autographs as well, but NOT for any previously applied signatures which may appear on your item(s).

When sending your item(s) to us, please make sure you prepare and package your item(s) as securely as possible. We will make every effort to use the same packaging materials you used in sending your item(s) to us when we return your signed item(s) to you. If we deem your packaging to be unsuitable to return your item(s) (which are now signed and potentially more valuable NOW than when you sent them in), we will repackage your item(s) in a more secure manner to minimize the risk of damages in transit.

If your package arrives to us in a damaged condition (obvious crushing or denting to the outer box or packaging material which would indicate the potential for internal damage), we will photograph the package and notify you immediately.

While your item(s) are in the possession of The Comic Monster (or in transit to/from signings or events and during the signing or event), your item(s) will be insured for the amount of the signature/dedication/character name/inscription/movie quote you have purchased from us in your existing order ONLY unless you provide us with a written request that you wish your item(s) to be insured for an additional amount while in our care. For long term projects (such as cast pieces), additional insurance requested in writing from you will be invoiced at 7% of the value declared by you on an annual basis.

Special notice regarding insurance claims: Please note that in order to file an insurance claim due to loss or damage during shipping back to you, you (the owner of the item(s) must be able to provide proof of value of your item(s). Examples of proof of value could include (but are not limited to): receipts of purchase, receipts of signature costs or appraisal. Payment of ANY claims in the event of loss or damage is at the sole discretion of Collectibles Insurance Services (insurance company for The Comic Monster) or its partners and The Comic Monster is not liable for ANY denied claims. Should your item(s) be damaged in shipping to you or if a package is lost in transit on its way to you, an insurance claim must be filed within 60 days of shipment or the claim will be declined and The Comic Monster will not be held responsible.

USING YOUR OWN SHIPPING LABEL FOR THE RETURN OF YOUR ITEMS:  If you choose to use your own shipping account to generate your own return shipping label (be that UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL or any other carrier of your choice), please be aware that, by doing so, YOU (the client/customer) become the ONLY person/entity able to file an insurance claim for loss or damage.  We will require advance written authorization from you to use your own shipping label and an acknowledgement from you that you will assume sole responsibility in the filing of any and all insurance claims against loss or damage for any and all packages sent to you by us which bear your privately purchased shipping label.  Our insurance company will NOT entertain claims against loss or damage of any packages bearing a privately procured return shipping label (generated by you and/or using your personal carrier account) which we use at your written request.

International clients: Please be aware that all customs, taxes and duties which may be imposed by your country of origin are the responsibility of the client and NOT The Comic Monster. Additionally, we are not able to undervalue packages to avoid these costs on your behalf, as doing so is illegal.

I personally, knowingly and voluntarily acknowledge each of the aforementioned risks in the Terms of Service for The Comic Monster. By purchasing from The Comic Monster I (as the purchaser) freely and expressly accept any and all aforementioned risks in the Terms of Service for The Comic Monster and release The Comic Monster from any and all liability.


For ANY purchase made from our website (be it an in-stock pre sale, send in item or in stock/in hand item), refunds are ONLY accepted in the case of item(s) arriving damaged. In the case of item(s) arriving damaged, you must send us written and visual documentation of the damages so that we can properly process your insurance claim. In order to file a return for damages, ALL packaging materials must be kept with the item(s) to properly file the insurance claim. Additionally, packaging may need to be inspected by the carrier in person in order to approve the claim. All refunds in the event of damages incurred in transit will be issued within 30 days of notification of a damaged item.

Due to the nature of signed collectibles, NO OTHER REFUNDS ARE ALLOWED on anything sold by The Comic Monster on our website or through invoices requested by the client via personal Paypal invoices.

When placing an order with The Comic Monster (via our website OR in a privately generated partial payment Paypal invoice requested by the client), I acknowledge that payment in full is due at the time of purchase. In the case of privately generated partial payment Paypal invoices sent at the request of a client, a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit may be required to hold the signature spots open if payment is not made in full). ALL purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE, except in the instance that a convention or guest cancels for any reason. In the event of a total cancellation, a refund would be issued for the purchased signature/dedication/inscription/quote price paid by the client, less the 4% processing fee and any related return shipping costs associated with returning your item(s).  If the item you purchased contains multiple pre-ordered signatures, a cancellation refund would only be issued for the talent who has cancelled, NOT the entire piece.  We would still send you the piece you ordered signed by the talent who HAS completed their signing(s).  The refund process described above would take approximately four (4) weeks from the date of the cancellation.

Under very special extenuating circumstances, The Comic Monster would (on a case by case basis and at the sole discretion of The Comic Monster) agree to refund a signing pre-sale / send-in order upon written receipt of a request for cancellation by the client.  Under these special extenuating circumstances, the client agrees to a 25% re-stocking fee being deducted from any monies being refunded.  In addition, the 4% processing costs would ALSO be deducted from any monies being refunded.  If the refund in question concerns an item the client sent to us, return shipping costs would ALSO be deducted from any monies being refunded.  Refunds allowed under this section will be issued within 14 business days from the date of our written (emailed) agreement to issue the refund.

Refunds do NOT apply to a re-scheduling of the convention or signing event in question due to professional obligations on the part of the guest(s) or world events which may prohibit travel or large gatherings.

The Comic Monster reserves the right to hold client item(s) if any monies are owed on one or more orders placed by that client with The Comic Monster until all monies owed are paid in full.

If you have chosen to send your own personal item to us to have signed, please make sure it arrives in advance of the cutoff date we have established for that signing. Because we are obligated to pay for all autographs well in advance of the event/private signing, we are not able to issue a refund if your item(s) are not delivered to us in time. In the event your “send-in” item is not delivered to us on time, we will provide you with a signed 8×10 photo complete with whatever inscription requests you have paid for.
Example: You have paid for one (1) signature spot for a celebrity to sign the funko pop you send in. You also want that celebrity to dedicate your pop “To John” (for example) and include the character name “Captain America” (for example). Should your item not arrive in time for us to process it and transport it safely to the venue/event/private signing, we would NOT be able to issue you a refund. Instead, you would receive an 8×10 photo dedicated “To John” with the signature and the character name on the 8×10.


Due to the new VAT laws, we are no longer able to ship packages with customs values under $200. If you’re ordering any item(s) from The Comic Monster that are valued at less than $200, you will need to either purchase another item which will ship at the same time (to the same address) so that the minimum Customs amount of $200 is reached OR we can value your item(s) purchased at $200 regardless of the actual cost below.


As of October, 2021: Due to the suspension of certain mail services by the USPS, not all USPS package services are available for use within the USA for orders destined for Australia. As a result, we must use the more expensive UPS international service. Until such a time as the suspension of certain mail services into the country is lifted by the USPS, we would need to pass on the additional cost of UPS international carrier services on to the client in the form of a separate Paypal invoice.

By purchasing from The Comic Monster, I acknowledge and accept all “Terms of Service,” “Labeling Personal Items In Preparation for Sending Them To Us,” “Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk” and “Payment and Refund Policies.”

All orders placed with The Comic Monster are final.